Restoration and Conservation

Over the last ten years, Charles and Luke have restored some of the most beautiful churches, cathedrals, and stately homes of the South West England. With our experience using traditional methods and materials, bringing such buildings back to their former beauty is our mission.

Using traditional methods, we can build and rebuild walls to fit into the local area. All of our walling is at a high standard and built using local stone. 

CL Traditional Masonry can transform your home with natural stone flooring. As we are stone experts, your floor will be fitted at the highest standard. Floors can be made bespoke as we are familiar with carving stone.

Letter Cutting

CL Traditional Masonry provides a traditional hand-carved letter cutting service to make your home unique.

We can design and carve a natural stone fireplace using traditional methods. The fireplace can be unique for your needs and fitted to your living space. Also, your current fireplace can be cleaned, repaired and brought back to its former beauty.
Lime Mortar

Lime mortars can readily handle the transmission of water between the inside and outside of a masonry wall. The original lime pointing can decay over time. This may be the result of weathering or failure as a result of poor maintenance. CL Traditional Masonry can match the mortar to the previously used material by using local sands and stone dusts